Customized Consultation Services

The eLearn Institute supports school systems in a variety of ways as they design, implement, and maintain their eLearning programs.  Specifically, the Institute offers this support through customized consultation and tiered memberships as detailed below:

Customized Consultation Services:

Customized consultation services available to school systems are focused on the preparation for and the implementation of eLearning programs.  All consultation partnerships place emphasis on the following ideals:

The eLearn Institute utilizes a refined designed, implementation, and maintenance process called PathMaker.  The PathMaker process is comprised of five key elements as illustrated below:


  1. Vision – develop a shared vision among stakeholders
  2. Plan – convert the vision into a defined innovative program with measureable goals
  3. Roadmap – identify the process and steps necessary to realize the program vision and goals
  4. Implement – execute an implementation plan
  5. Improve – evaluate and refine the program

The eLearn Institute will work closely with your organization to develop and refine short-term and long-term goals related to online/blended learning.  The Institute will then assist your organization in developing the metrics, including which data are to be collected and analyzed, which would provide your organization with the information that it needs to determine program success.  Once the vision and goals of your organization’s program have been identified, eLearn Institute will guide you through possible program design options that will target your identified needs.

The eLearn staff will ensure that Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are developed in the Vision and Plan stages of the innovation process.  CSF and KPI should be established on both the effectiveness of the program/implementation as well as on its efficiency.  For example, greater access to and use of digital instructional resources would be related to “effectiveness” while the reduction of costs would be related to “efficiency.”  The eLearn Institute’s staff works with organizations to design and implement affordable solutions that are organization-owned and are financially sustainable.

The eLearn staff will work collaboratively with your design team to develop an implementation timeline for your program.  This timeline will include a breakdown of the objectives and action steps needed to accomplish the program goals.  In the Roadmap and Implement stages of the innovation process, timelines will be established around CSFs throughout the project.  Academic content, the learning management system, professional development, and student supports will be selected, purchased, and implemented in a manner that leads to success for both your institution and your students.  This timeline will include specific benchmarks or milestones to help ensure that the implementation process maintains momentum and stays on pace.  The attainment of these benchmarks or milestones will be based on both the quantitative and qualitative data collected up to that particular point in time.

It must be noted, that while these benchmarks or milestones will be included in your implementation timeline, eLearn Institute believes that online/blended learning programs should not be a “one size fits all” model or a fixed-place design.  Therefore, eLearn Institute staff members and representatives will maintain regular and frequent communication with your design team throughout the entire implementation process.  Specifically, eLearn Institute typically schedules, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly progress meetings depending on the needs of an organization or the complexity of the program implementation.  This regular communication, coupled with any data that is collected both formally and informally, will be used to inform the decision-making process concerning any necessary mid-course corrections.

Built into the eLearn Institute’s implementation strategy is the ongoing review and modification of all aspects of the innovative program that is being implemented.  As teachers and administrators unleash the power of a new transformative system, they will gain new insights and strategies.  The eLearn Institute believes that a continuous improvement methodology should be nurtured through a structured and strategic program evaluation process, which defines the Improve stage of PathMaker.  The eLearn Institute staff will guide your design team through a meaningful program evaluation process that is aligned to your program’s vision and goals.

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