Creating Female Leaders

Leadership Team


My name is Kristy Richard and I’m an advocate for the rising powerful woman. I’m passionate about supporting and inspiring women to create fabulous businesses, careers and personal lives, on their own terms.

I believe that an education is the most valuable possession anyone can have, and am fortunate to have a mother who taught me that there’s no bigger achievement for a woman than claiming her independence. She was my inspiration in starting eLearn Institute and my aim is to use that inspiration to provide a forum where women can be educated and empowered to take charge of their own lives. I’d love to see more women in leadership positions and hope that eLearn Institute can act as a platform for change.

I come from a background as a commercial analyst, management accountant (ACMA), and project management professional with 10 years experience. After observing women struggle with confidence in the workplace I wanted to be part of the solution to empower women, create change in the workplace, and provide resources for developing leadership traits. My professional background, combined with my creative streak, love for technology, and desire to see women confident in their businesses and careers helped me bring Institute to life.

Online Coordinator/Editor

Terri Spady has seven years’ media experience covering radio marketing, communications and management. With a Bachelor of Professional Communication (Major in Journalism), she is a published writer who loves sharing stories and encouraging women to embrace their natural role of ‘leader’.

Terri is always hungry to learn more (and, hungry in general)! She loves food, reading books by inspirational business leaders, and exploring her home of the Sunshine Coast.

Events Coordinator

Judy O`Neill is a curious cat! She loves learning about technology, doing a ‘brain dump’ of marketing and social media strategies for problems she’s passionate about, and is eager to help women grow and gain the confidence to achieve what they want to achieve. She has a degree in Communications with a major in Public Relations and currently works as a marketing specialist.

When Judy isn’t working, you’ll find her helping startups, writing her own blogs, exploring the world, and probably enjoying a cocktail or two with her family and friends.