Welcome to the eLearn Institute!

The eLearn Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to transforming education through the effective use of digital learning tools.  The central focus of the institute is to help schools and districts design, build, and “own” their eLearning programs.  As a trusted partner and aggregator of digital resources, the eLearn Institute will help connect online educators and organizations to appropriate resources as they (a) develop appropriate eLearning models, (b) select quality content, (c) provide professional development for teachers, administrators, and staff, and (d) select appropriate hardware, software, and systems to build a high quality eLearning program.  The eLearn Institute understands that having the right digital tools is one half of the challenge that educators and schools face, and using these tools effectively to building transformative educational models that support great learning is the other half of the challenge.   The Institute assists schools to create a facilitated community of online educators to share best practices, effective learning models, and new ideas specific to online and blended learning.